Award-winning graphic design from Al Wellburn

Greetings! I’m Al Wellburn, a seasoned graphic designer with over two decades of creative exploration under my belt. I’ve always had a passion for embarking on exciting world-building journeys through design.

With my experience spanning various design disciplines, project management skills, and a keen artistic eye, I bring a wealth of expertise to any team. Over the course of 13 years at my own agency, I’ve had the privilege of crafting award-winning marketing and communications campaigns for renowned charities like Amnesty International, Friends of The Earth, and ActionAid, leaving a positive impact worldwide. After that, I worked as a Design Manager for Oxford University Press, creating engaging design content in the English Language Teaching department.

I have now moved into the realm of graphics for Film and Television. My hands-on experience in designing everything from brands to websites has provided a solid foundation for me to dive headfirst into the world of visual storytelling. I’m thrilled to create new worlds and weave compelling narratives through the art of graphic design.

Originally from Edinburgh, I am available to work anywhere. I’m always on the lookout for new projects, fresh challenges, and exciting career opportunities. If you’re interested in collaborating on a project or simply want to connect, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Core Skills
Visual Communication | Graphic Design |  User Experience Design (UX) | User Interface Design (UI) | Advertising | Brand Design | Illustration | Publication Design | Typography | Information Graphics | Design Artworking | Concept Development | Print Management | Project Management | Research | Fine Art Painting | Collaborative Working | Communication & Organisation

Technical Proficiencies
Adobe Photoshop | Adobe InDesign | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Acrobat | Sketch | Zeplin | Procreate | Adobe Premiere Rush | Adobe After Effects | Adobe XD  | Figma | Blender | Microsoft Office | Google Drive


  • Design Manager- Oxford University Press
    2022 – 2023
  • Head of Design- Native Agency
    2003 – 2007


  • Visual Communication
    BA (Hons) Edinburgh College of Art

Graphics Credits

  • Peter | SKY – Graphics Assistant (Dailies)
    Lead Graphic Designer: Cora McGookin | Production Designer: –
    Apr 2024
  • Fear | Amazon Prime – Graphics Assistant (Dailies)
    Lead Graphic Designer: Nicola Roberts | Production Designer: Stephen Mason
    Apr 2024
  • Flight 103 | Sky – Graphics Assistant (Dailies)
    Lead Graphic Designer: Anna Toffolo | Production Designer: Tom Sayer
    Mar 2024

Art Dept Credits

  • Midwinter Break | Film 4 – Dressing Prop Hand
    Art Director UK: Imogen Toner Grant | Production Designer: Harry Ammerlaan
    Apr 2024
  • Flight 103 | Sky – Dressing Prop Hand (Dailies)
    Propmaster: John Knight| Production Designer: Tom Sayer
    Mar 2024
  • Department Q | Netflix – Dressing Prop Hand (Dailies)
    Propmaster: Bob Orr | Production Designer: Grant Montgomery
    Jan-Feb 2024
  • A Scottish Love Scheme | Hallmark – Dressing Prop Hand (Dailies)
    Propmaster: Bob Orr | Production Designer: Natalie Astridge
    Aug 2023
  • Andor Season 2 | Lucasfilm – Dressing Prop Hand (Dailies)
    Propmaster: Ben Wilkinson | Production Designer: Luke Hull
    Feb-Jul 2023