Girl at Station

Client: Personal Project

This project is not a real-world production. I set the brief to develop and practice the art of graphic research and prop-making under set time constraints.

Project: 1984 (Reimagined)

Welcome to a creative reinterpretation of George Orwell’s timeless classic, Nineteen Eighty-Four, brought into the present era as a prospective film or television adaptation.

Exploring the haunting narrative of a dystopian society under pervasive surveillance and authoritarian control, the story follows Winston Smith in his rebellion against the oppressive regime of Big Brother.

In this project, I delve into the creation of various graphic props and motifs, envisioning and designing these elements as they would manifest in a modern-day adaptation. Join me as I reimagine and bring to life the visual facets of this iconic tale for contemporary audiences.

Security Footage UI.

Security Footage UI: With a retro analogue style and ominous undertones of Orwellian surveillance, this interface offers a chilling glimpse into the dystopian world of constant monitoring and control. With its utilitarian design, monochromatic palette, and stark visuals, users are immersed in the unsettling atmosphere of a society where privacy is a luxury and every movement is scrutinised. Through vintage navigation and real-time feeds, this interface encapsulates the oppressive grip of Big Brother, serving as a haunting reminder of the dangers of unchecked authority.

Hero – Victory Brand Products.

Victory Products: In George Orwell’s iconic novel “1984,” the concept of the Victory Brand represents the totalitarian regime’s control over every aspect of society, including consumer goods. The Victory Brand is a symbol of the Party’s dominance and propaganda aimed at instilling loyalty and obedience among the populace.

My design for Victory Gin, Victory Coffee, and Victory Cigarettes encapsulates the essence of this dystopian world through a simple utilitarian approach. The utilitarian design reflects the Party’s emphasis on functionality over aesthetics.

The brand’s design embodies stark simplicity, standardised packaging, and bold branding. The colour schemes adhere to a monochromatic or limited palette, reflecting the Party’s preference for uniformity and lack of individuality.

Hero – Oceania Insignia.

Oceania Insignia: ‘Oceania’ stands as one of the oppressive superstates dominating the narrative. In Orwell’s dystopian masterpiece, ‘Oceania’ represents a totalitarian regime that governs with omnipresent surveillance and control. As a tribute to this formidable setting, I’ve developed the ‘Oceania’ Insignia, envisioning its portrayal on flags, banners, and wayfinding signage.

Hero – Ministry Signage.

Hero – Ministry Department Signage.

Hero – ENGSOC Insignia.

Hero Signage: Within the oppressive regime of Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four lies the stark symbolism of four ministries—Truth, Peace, Love, and Plenty—each a facade veiling the omnipresent control exerted by the Party. In a visual exploration of these institutions, I’ve created designs that encapsulate their deceptive roles within Oceania’s totalitarian structure.

The Ministry of Truth stands as a chilling testament to propaganda and historical manipulation. Within its walls, the Records Department, known in Newspeak as Recdep, operates as a mechanism for ‘rectifying’ historical truths.

Moreover, the insignia for ENGSOC, the ruling ideology of the Party, is an emblem of authority and control crafted to embody the Party’s unyielding grip on power.

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